more fever, more joint pain :-(

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Last Friday little man had a temp of 103. I started Tylenol and kept it down, but couldn’t completely get rid of it. It’s now Monday and it’s still coming and going. Or I should say, coming and lowering. I’m not sure it’s actually gone away at all yet. He’s been holding his right knee a lot and today has been holding his ankle and wrist in addition to his knee. Very very fussy and not eating well again. And on top of that he has a yucky cough and runny nose. This poor kid, he just can’t get better.

We went grocery shopping out of town yesterday. The same place where we found the new doctor we are seeing now. And guess who we ran into in Walmart of all places…. his doctor! We told her what was going on and she said she’d like to do some more blood work to make sure he isn’t getting some other type of arthritis. I can’t remember those big doctor names, sorry I’ll find that out soon. We’re going to get the lab work done soon. Just waiting for either Daddy to get home or kids to wake up.

Today has totally sucked, he’s been fevery, fussy, snotty nosed and coughing. He’s only happy if I’m carrying him or letting him play on the counter. So I can carry him all day and say bu-bye to my back (thank god for Excedrin today – although it’s leaving me awful jittery) or let him play on the counter and then he’s going to fall and break an arm or something and then that’ll be fun to explain. haha

I’ve learned after these trips out of town that I cannot ride in a car anymore. I get horribly car sick and feel like I’m going to puke or pass out most of the time. On the way home I sat in the back with little man because he was screaming for Momma and that made me super car sick so then we decided to try switching and see if me driving would help matters any. Well….. that may have helped one problem, but just created another….. I fall asleep while driving. And given I already felt like crap I barely made it the 12 miles home. My head bobbed a couple times which lead to a circus in the car of yelling and a very loud turkey call to keep me awake. Yeah, just imagine the fun that would have been.


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2 Responses to “more fever, more joint pain :-(”

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She is probably wanting to check him for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. I hope he doesn’t have it, but I also hope you get a full answer and he feels better soon!

RC: Yes, that is one of the things she’s checking for, along with a list of others I didn’t get a chance to read on the lab order. I hope he clears for this 😦 How sucky!

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