never ending uckies

Posted on 7 April 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

There has been sickness at this house for at least 3 months. Little man has had his fair share of the yuck. Big brother has had his. And the Mom and Dad are having theirs now. When will it end. I overheard the nurse yesterday say, after leaving my room, “This entire town is sick! What are we going to do?!” haha Yes, yes, this town is sick, it feels like it’s never going to end. Maybe once the weather is nice we can all have a break.

Little man appears to be doing much better. He had a stretch of a few days not too long ago where he was screaming again and holding his hips and knees a lot. But he hasn’t done that for quite a few days now, so I think that little boy is finally on the mend!! Thank Goodness!!!!

I held off WAY too long on going to the doctor. I always had too many kids and not enough car-seats so I couldn’t go. I waited until my sinus infection was so bad I had blurry vision in one eye, my teeth ached like I’d just come from the dentist pulling them all, the headaches were like migraines, the left side of my face was swollen (the doctor saw that, I guess I couldn’t with my blurry vision, haha) and I was just overall miserable.

One shot Saturday night, another shot Sunday night, meds started on Monday and today I’m back to as bad as I was Saturday!! After the second shot I was having major back pain, my leg was numb feeling from the knee down and I was really tired. They say it’s nothing and gave me more pain pills. Aaaah…. yep, what a doc, puts band aids on everything but never actually fixes the problem. So I have no idea what’s wrong right now, all I know is my backs killing me, my leg pain has gone away, my sinuses are feeling horrible, my teeth ache, my ears feel infected or full of fluid (one of the two) and my head throbs. I have meds to take, Advil to take, more meds at night to take. I popped so many pills at breakfast today I felt like a junky.

Anybody ever have Rocephin??


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2 Responses to “never ending uckies”

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Phew! You are a mess!

You sound like you are getting hit harder than us. Oh, and I’m one of the parents that keeps my kid home when he is sick, so I’m pretty annoyed at all the illnesses he brings home from the sick kids at the daycare center.

Hope everything clears up for you soon!

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