learning to say “No”

Posted on 9 April 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

We’ve been battling sickness here for a few months now and it doesn’t help with all the daycare kids. Parents don’t seem to think twice about bringing their kids when they are horribly sick. To them, their baby is just sick. To me… it’s millions of yuckies waiting to plant themselves into all the other kids and myself and the rest of my family! They just don’t get that it doesn’t ever end when they keep bringing them like that.

Today I just said “NO, I’m sorry I will not take the kids.” Since I’ve been sick I actually took a couple days to myself. The Mom had called me today to ask if it was okay for the kids to come. I said yes at first and then said yes, as long as they are better. THEN she decided to tell me that her little boy is puking his guts out, has an ear infection, has all the cold cough fever crap and is taking medicine. I giggled to myself that she waited until AFTER I said Yes to tell me all that. I nicely said I’m sorry, he can’t come. Part of me wanted to sceam, “Are you freaking crazy?! I’m not taking care of your sick puking kid!!”

Totally off the sickness subject, but still related to daycare. I have a parent and child I’m ready to strangle. The little girl has a problem with…. how do I say this…. social play. I don’t know if those are the right words. She does not play well with other kids. I’ve noticed more and more that she does better, sometimes, with only 1 child. So on days when it’s just her and my own little man she does better.

Her idea of a good day is me holding her the entire day or sitting on the couch with her the entire day watching tv or reading books. If I put her down – Oh btw, she’s 2 years 4 months – to go to the bathroom or anything she’ll either follow me and stand within a foot of me or she’ll scream bloody murder. If I’m busy making lunch or doing snacks or something like that she’ll stand under me the entire time waiting for me to pick her up. If I said, “Sweetie right now I’m making lunch, I can’t hold you right now”, she will scream her bloody brains out and then just keep following me. If I tell her to play with the kids, she’ll go to the toybox, pick out one simple toy, like a toy pig (she grabs that one a lot for some reason – usually she find both of them), and will sit facing the wall away from everybody and just hold it. Sometimes she’ll get two plates and hit them together when I tell her to play.

Morning are HORRIBLE. My little socialite is always happy when the kids get here so he’s happy to see them, wants to hug them, tickle them, talk to them and just PLAY PLAY PLAY. He’ll go over and want to help get her shoes off so she can play, she’ll kick and hit him and tell him to get away, leave her alone, etc. The mother… does nothing. I put my two cents in man, telling her that’s not nice and he’s just excited to see her. Today the same happened along with him wanting to point at the flowers on her pants to which she kicked and hit. He also wanted to hug her Mom to which she screamed “My Mommy Stay Away!” The Mom wouldn’t just hug him and tell her no it’s fine I can hug him too, but later she said she was going to tickle him because my little guy was still wanting to play. So when she went to tickle him, the little girl screamed “No, My mommy!” again and hit her Mom to get her away from my kid. Still, the mother did NOTHING!

I have no idea what to do anymore. Once Mom left, she wanted me to pick her up and I said no look we’re going to play now. I was sitting on the floor with them. She instantly started pouting and screaming.

Anybody ever have this problem??? I’m seriously ready to quit them.


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