two things…

Posted on 9 April 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

First of all…. to all the idiots who fling their car doors open on the street RIGHT when you drive by. Not before. Not after. But RIGHT when you get there so you have to slam on your brakes to avoid ripping it off. Well…. I’m here today to tell you this bitch isn’t slamming on her brakes anymore. I’m sick of you idiots!!!! So, the next time you fling your door open I’m ripping the &*#!$! OFF!!!

Secondly…. The next time a parent says…. “I know today’s payday, but I forgot my checkbook in the car, so I’ll catch up with you next week – k”…. The words out of my mouth will be… “Ok, that’s great, I will contact your boss and ask that your check be held for 2 weeks also, he might have other things to do and doesn’t really have time to sit in the office to write you a check. Mmmm Kay.” “Oh. And I quit. Bu-Bye.”

Phew… I feel much better now getting that off my chest.

Okay… maybe I don’t, I’m still shaking.

I’m going to write ANOTHER notice to parents. You either pay when you’re supposed to, or I’m done watching your kid. What they don’t understand is I’m NOT doing this just because I love watching their snotty nosed little brats who trash my house and destroy everything I own, it’s my &#!^@! JOB people!!! What part of that do you not get?! Can you imagine YOUR place of employment saying they just didn’t get that check written so you’ll have to wait until next time around?! I’m writing that in my note too!! Maybe I need to DUMB it down for them?? Yeah… probably.

I’m really going to quit bitching now. GAH!!! I need a vacation.


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