lessons learned

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Some weekend fun for my son ended up getting spoiled this weekend. It’ll be a lesson learned for me. That whole talk to the parents BEFORE your kid does anything lesson. I think a little blame can be left on both parties, the parents AND my son.

Saturday morning my son called asking if he could go to an Easter egg hunt with a friend. It was during my hair appointment so I said yes. I had Dad and little man drop me off early for my appointment so they could go too. Anyway… at the end of my appointment I got another phone call from him asking if he could now go to the movie at the school (with this same friend), which was a free showing of Madagascar 2. I asked if his parents were going along and my son said he didn’t know. I told him he needed to ask and I needed to know what the plan was before he went. It was quiet on the line for a bit and then he came on saying yes they were going. So I said he could go.

That was a lesson learned for me, next time I’ll talk to the parents myself because I think he never asked if they were going and even more… I THINK he KNEW they weren’t going all along, but knew if he told me that he wouldn’t be going. I’m not the one to drop my kid off somewhere and let him run around on his own.

So a couple hours later we had ran to the lumber yard and were driving back down the main road and I think to myself as we pass the park… hmmm my son has a shirt like that. HOLY shit! I think that was my son. I tell Dad to turn around and my son spots our car immediately. He KNEW he was a dead man instantly. He was running and watching our car and even tried to hide behind a pillar up on the pavilion. There weren’t just two boys like I originally knew of, there were three now.

When we pull up he was VERY hesitant to come to the car. He knew. Which leads me even more to believe he lied to me at the very beginning. I asked who the other kid was and WHY the hell they were running around in the park by themselves. Turns out NO parents had gone to the movie and the parents I initially trusted to take my son with them weren’t even coming to pick them up!! They’d passed this off to somebody else, that I didn’t even know! I told the boys I was sorry but my son wasn’t staying to run around with nobody here and not a clue as to when somebody was going to pick them up.

Trust in my son is gone way down and trust in these parents is about non-existent.

I gave my cell phone to this other little boy who’s Mom was supposed to be picking these boys up after the movie and told him he needed to call and find out where she was. I wasn’t going to take my kid and leave these two in the park not knowing what was going on. Of course… she didn’t answer.

We waited for just a few minutes and they saw her driving up to the park. I made my son come with us and told Dad to drive around the park so I could let this other parent know that my son was coming with me. This is where I really about lost it. I didn’t think I needed to freak out on her in front of all the boys.

I told her this is not allowed for my son, to be running around unsupervised and not a clue as to WHO or when somebody will pick him up. My son didn’t even know this lady. He knew the kids name. She said she thought the movie would be out at 3:30ish so that’s when she thought she should be here. Well…. IDIOT…. it’s 3:42 now. You’re either lying to me (and I already know you are) or you can’t tell time, or your clock is wrong. Too bad, I already knew she was lying because all three boys let me know she had told them when the movie got out to just go to the park across the street and she’d be there sometime. So, it’s one thing when your kid lies to you, because you know that’s going to happen. But when this parent is sitting there lying to me in front of all the kids…. that’s a whole new ballgame folks.

I feel bad that my sons fun time was ruined, but lying just aint gonna work. So lesson learned for me… TALK TO THE PARENTS ALWAYS!! Lesson learned for my son… Mom does have eyes in the back of her head, I’ve tried telling him that 🙂 haha


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3 Responses to “lessons learned”

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That is scary. The best part of this whole situation is that you caught them. That will make your son think twice about it all. I hope it doesn’t happen again.

I am so glad you were driving by when you did. I wouldn’t trust those parents anymore either. It is always amazing to me how lax some parents can be in the safety of their children.

Thanks for dropping by my blog…it allowed me to find yours!:-)

I’m glad you caught them!!!

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