syrup out, honey in

Posted on 22 April 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

On our last visit to the doctor I talked to him about little man’s syrup addiction. Of course plan A (which was talked about months ago) was make him cry it out, just take it away. Easier said than done. haha Okay, really I did take it away at one point, right before he got sick, but when all that sickness hit I just wanted him to be comfortable as possible and with as little stress as possible, for obvious reasons. So I gave it back. He’s my baby. I can spoil him if I want to. I get to deal with the consequences. 🙂

Plan B… Introduce him to honey, at least it’s natural and better for him than regular old pancake syrup. We were hoping maybe he wouldn’t like it and since I wasn’t showing him what I was putting in maybe he’d decide he didn’t like water and syrup anymore. He just knew that when I had a cup and the microwave was going he was getting water and syrup. Unfortunately…. he liked the honey too. CRAP. So we are now drinking warm water and honey. I keep trying to put less and less in, but he knows and gets so mad at me. Usually running into the kitchen and standing at the counter screaming his bloody brains out til I add more.

So… we used to go through a gallon of syrup in probably a weeks time about. Now we are going through honey like no other. Problem with this…. IT’S SO EXPENSIVE!! Syrup was cheap. So now it’s really time to go BACK to plan a and get rid of the warm water and whatever. I remember I was SO terrified to lose the bottle and it was actually quite easy. Maybe this is going to be that way to and I just need to do it and be done.


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2 Responses to “syrup out, honey in”

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I’ve never heard of warm water & syrup or honey. Just out of curiosity, when did you start giving it to him?

Well… My Mom told me that her Mom told her (so my Grandma) that she gave it to her kids to help with constipation. And let me tell you when we first started… it worked! He’s had it since he was a very little baby. Very little.

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