finally. i get to tell the story.

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Boy do I have a story about Daddy’s birthday present…

Last week I called my friend and asked her to ask her husband if he still had the arrows my hubby wanted and said I’d buy them for his birthday next week. She called me back when he came to pick her up for lunch from work and he had them and he was going to cut them to length and get them ready so he could use them right away. I said I could drop one of his arrows off anytime in the afternoon, as I had too many daycare kids that morning.

I hang up the phone thinking to myself…. hmmm I have to take a “weapon” into a bank. Oh wow. I wonder how this is going to work. I figured that since she’d asked me to drop it off there it should be okay. Right…

I get to the bank later that afternoon and after a certain time, 2 pm maybe, they lock their doors and you have to push a button to be let in. So imagine me standing there pushing this button and waiting while holding an arrow and the lady walking towards me to let me in is seeing me standing there holding an arrow and nothing else. Nice.

She opened the door about an inch and said she couldn’t let me in. haha I was thinking holy shit I bank here all the time. I’ve dealt with everyone here. They KNOW me. But they wouldn’t let me in. So I asked her if I could slip it in to her and if she’d give it to my friend. She said she could do that so she opened the door just enough for me to slip it in. WOW! I felt all secretive and shit!! haha

So the night went on, I went back home, went to work, came home from work, went to lock up the doors and check windows… and…

Outside in front of our house and the neighbors house is 2 cops, 2 sheriffs and a highway patrol!! I wanted so bad to take a picture of all that and say “And this is what happens when you try taking a weapon into a bank!” But I couldn’t take a pic because then I’d let the hubby in on the surprise. On the inside I was laughing my ass off!! Really our neighbors who were spending the VERY FIRST night in their house were being arrested. I wish I knew what’d gone on in that house to require that many law enforcement people!!

So then Sunday rolls around. Daddy decides he’s going turkey hunting. All I can think is “OH SHIT!” He only had 2 arrows he was using right now so it’s kind of hard to not notice 1 of them missing!

I had to stay out of the room from where he was because I knew I’d start laughing. BUT… then he blamed the baby!! OH NO! He kept saying to him, “I know you know where it is”, “show Daddy where you put the arrow.” Baby took him all around looking for that arrow, all the while the poor kid had NO idea where that arrow was. He probably didn’t even remember we took it in the car a few days back. I turned the table too and said, “SEE! I keep telling you to put that stuff out of reach because the kids will find it and somebody will be missing an eye!!” hahahaha

Had he really freaked out about it being missing I’da had to let him in on the surprise, but he let it go and went hunting with only 1 arrow. We joked that that’d be okay with me because if he shot and missed or it broke he’d have to come home, meaning he couldn’t be gone very long. haha

So his birthday was finally last night. The big “30”!! In the card from the kids I printed off a picture of baby holding the missing arrow and wrote “This arrow Daddy?” in the card. I wanted him to open that, then baby came walking out holding the arrow and then he was supposed to open the present of all his new arrows (which he guessed that’s what was in there earlier – kind of hard to conceal that shape of box, which I tried to do by adding other boxes on top). But he wouldn’t listen to me and kept saying he had to open all the cards first. Oh well. So for a while he was just thinking we’d found the arrow and taken a picture of it and baby came walking out with it. I told the story after he finally opened our present LAST.


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I should send this to my brother’s girlfriend. She would totally do the same thing for my brother.

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