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I received my BabyCenter e-mail in my inbox this weekend. It’s always fun to see what seems appropriate for your child’s age. As with ALL kids, this little man excels in some areas and not in others. He climbs anything and everything and LOVES to jump, especially off high things; the bed, couch, chairs, slides, stairs, etc. “K” will know what I’m talking about because she’s seen videos of this.

This is what the e-mail said… (copied directly from my e-mail)

“Your toddler can probably hop off the bottom step of a staircase by throwing one foot forward and letting the other follow. But true jumping, where both feet leave the ground at the same time and then land squarely, is a skill that requires excellent balance and may take a few more months to master. You can help her practice two-footed jumping by putting some pillows on the floor and letting her leap onto them from something low, like a child-size footstool.”

I laughed for a very long time after reading this. If I put a pillow on the floor, he’ll tackle it and wrestle it and then want you to stand it up so he can run and kick it like a football. He’s very much into his sports. We go through the list here and he shows us how to do each one.

Reading this e-mail was just one of those things where you realize… “Oh, maybe all kids aren’t jumping off everything in the house?!… You mean, it’s not normal for my kid to jump off the kitchen counter???” hmmmmm….. 🙂


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One Response to “JUMP!”

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Ha ha! Too funny! 🙂 Yes, I am AMAZED at what your little man can jump off of! Unbelievable! My boy is just a couple weeks younger, but does the one foot forward jump from the first step and is so proud of himself after he does it! He yells “jump” and he pretty much just walks off the first step…. funny sight. Keep motiviating your boy, maybe he’ll be a future sports-star!

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