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Posted on 7 May 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

We walked a mile today to help my son’s class gain miles for…. OMG, I don’t know what it’s for anymore. I’ve done it every year and I can’t remember why they do it! Whoever gets the most miles I know gets a party of some sort. Wow… great parenting Mom. We walked around the track at the high school and picked up popsicle sticks on every lap. Each stick is worth a quarter mile and between me and the three daycare kids we had a handful of sticks. Well, 16 to be exact I guess.

Walking with my little man was easy, little mister athletic (it seems anyway) just walked and ran around the track like he owned it. He also ended up with brother and his buddies girl-friends. Not “GIRLFRIENDS”, just GIRL… FRIENDS. Get it. haha 🙂 His little girlies were all crowding little man and wanted to hold his hand and walk by him and carry him and hug him and yada yada yada. But Mister Independent said NO WAY! I’m running! haha He did end up crying the last half a lap and big brother had to carry him the rest of the way. We were split up and one of the girls came running ahead to get to say little man was crying. But big brother was there to rescue him. 🙂

I would tell you what it was like walking with the twins, but honestly I’d feel like I was bashing someones kids so I’m going to leave that alone. Their motor skills just seem to be a little out of whack. I’m hoping now that Mom’s staying home with them they can work on that with them.

We planted some plants for Mother’s Day for them to take home to Mommy and framed a picture of them. She’ll be so excited. Not only is she getting Mommy Day stuff today, but it’s their last day here so I hope she doesn’t have too many tears. We already shared some tears this morning. 😦 We’re so sappy.


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