2 strikes… 3 strikes your out

Posted on 8 May 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Ah the joys… I’m about sick of this job. Dealing with parents really is harder than dealing with the kids most the time.

I have this one parent who’s just pushing my buttons. First it started with the dirtiness that drove me insane. The kid wore the same pull-up for a week at a time. Her idea on that… “He didn’t pee in it, so it’s clean.” OMG! Guess I’ll start wearing my underwear for a week at a time, cuz I don’t pee my pants. Right? Then she didn’t like the booster seat I had in my car and thought I should use hers. Alright, fine with me. Until I saw it! It looked like it had a soda dumped ALL over it, even the bottom was sticky. NO WAY IN HELL I was sticking THAT in my car. I later learned it was hot chocolate. And she just hadn’t felt like doing laundry lately so she’ll get to that later. Yummy. Next… she decided SHE was going to tell me when I was going to get paid. It’s just daycare, she decided she could pay that whenever she wanted. Well see, here’s the thing. IT’S MY JOB! So she was informed she’d pay just like everybody else, just like we’d discussed BEFORE I started watching her kid. Well, she didn’t much like that so now you know what she’s started doing…. POST DATING her checks!! OMG!! It’s time to say bu-bye to her.


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OMG!!! That is absolutely ridiculous!

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