feeling old!

Posted on 10 May 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Do you remember Lode Runner? Awesome game! Right? Well, my son was laughing his ass off tonight as we described it. Showing him how the guys ran and climbed. I think for a while he wasn’t believing us. I just read a description of Lode Runner and it says you control a stick figure! lmao!! And remember hurrying to get guys into holes and then trapping them and then… poof(!) they’d disappear and it’d fill back in. OMG I want to play that game again! I just had to look up the date. 1983 people! That sounds like… OMG… the “olden days”? Is this what my parents feel like when they talk about the “olden days”?! **still lmao** It really wasn’t long ago, but seeing what’s different now is amazing.

I told my son, “You just wait, someday you’ll look back at jump drives and laugh your ass off too. Just think maybe you’ll just have a chip in your finger and you can just touch something and it’ll download right to your “computer” in your finger.” He says, “What if I  get a virus!!” And then heard from across the table, “Where are you going to catch a virus?!” And then this conversation just spiraled out of control with my sons maniac comments about needing body control (aka antivirus software) software.

He also laughed his ass off because we tried describing old racing video games where your car stood still actually, but you (at that age) thought it was moving. In all actuality it was the road lines moving. Or that everything “bleeped”. You know the bleeping noise when you jumped?! Not the nowadays “bleep”. haha Frogger, I think he’s actually seen/played Frogger.

Another spillage of words out of my sons mouth… We were discussing keyboards the other day and he’s telling me how much he hates this one keyboard… the EXACT keyboard I just bought him for his birthday in February. He had raved about it and was excited to get it. And the just the other night he’s telling me how much he hates it. I’m like…. WTF?!! So he tells me… “MOM! People just say they really like a present so that people think they bought them something really good, even when they don’t like it.” Holy. Shit. I had to tell him how stupid that was that he just told us all that, now we’re all giving him 5 bucks from now on, NO MORE PRESENTS! Oh, kids. Innocence is the GREATEST!


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I found a version of Lode Runner I can play in emulation on my computer a while back. I love that game! Lode Runner + Oregon Trail = Crazy Delicious

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