challenges for the day

Posted on 12 May 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

To get from inside the house to outside the house without getting wet…. This isn’t easy when you live at my house. Although nowadays staying dry anywhere in this house might be a challenge. Back to Challenge #1… inside to outside… don’t get wet. My son so very kindly decided to water the lawn house for me today. I guess he wishes it’d grow too, me too little man… me too. We had just arrived back home from running some errands. I ran in to put milk in the fridge, kids stayed in back yard to play, which is where I planned to be in like 30 seconds. BUT… my son turned the sprinkler on right at the back door. There’s just a screen in that door. I’m sure you can totally picture this right?! He’s standing on the outside screaming MOMMA(!!) and I’m inside screaming (#%@^!*#&$*#(@($#&$^&$#*@(@&$^%^$&@) SHUT IT OFF!! I’m laughing now. It sucked then. He had it on full blast and it was shooting right in the door. Had he not been screaming his head off I’da ran out the front door and around, but it scared the crap outta him so I just ran face first right through it. I was soaked. Dripping wet. I was SO worried I was going to melt, but I’m okay. I was fast. šŸ™‚ hehe

Then we came in to eat lunch, I walked by the sink to throw garbage away (under the sink IN the garbage not actually in my sink – sorry I didn’t want anybody thinking I throw garbage in the sink) and about broke my neck. The faucet that desperately needs fixed is leaking so bad water is coming OUT of the cabinet now. Who here thinks I can change a faucet?? I might prove some wrong – I’m pissed off right now to do anything I think!! I’m just hoping it’s not leaking into my basement. I haven’t dared venture down there yet. I’m scared.

OMG…. I quit today – I want to go back to bed. The bag I put the towels in that I used to soak up the water had a freakin hole in it. So now there’s more water in another spot. I freakin give up. I’m so crabby today. After the long night with baby and then all the water today. Ugggggg….


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I’m glad you can laugh about the spraying sprinkler now. Journal it for him. It will be a fond memory for both of you in the future.

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