huge accomplishment (to me anyway)

Posted on 12 May 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I did it!! You know those months when you get 3 paychecks and you always wonder why you don’t have one that’s just play money? Well after 7 months of being on my budget, I made that work. **Note: Not ALL the money  gets to be play money, we still have our 2 week budget for food, diapers, misc household, etc that just has to be right now.** So the ideal goal next would be to fix all that too and make a monthly budget, but I’ll work to that later.

AND THEN… I got my vehicle registration card in the mail and it’s HALF what it usually is. Gosh, I hope they didn’t mess up, but I guess I’ll find out. That means we have some saved money in that envelope and I can put less in every month now! WOOT!!

I was a big ol’ mean boss lady again last night. This kid is going to be 2 years old, we can’t continue standing in the bathroom every night to make him sleep or dragging his mattress INTO the bathroom for him to sleep. He’s just going to have to learn and it’s harder now than it would have been months ago, but such is life. So last night I just sat in the bed with him crying and kept laying him down next to me and rubbing his back and head and talking to him. It took him a while, but it worked and he slept the rest of the night. I wish I knew why he was so restless. We have figured out that he doesn’t like a wet diaper, so if you can catch him and change it before he wakes he’ll often just stay asleep. It’s just a visious circle with him. He drinks a big cup of his warm water and syrup, then pees, doesn’t like a wet diaper so he wakes, and then to get him back to sleep he wants more water, so another big cup of water (which I’ve been making him use his little cups again even when he cries “Geen cup!” (His green frog cup) or only giving him half a cup) and then more pee… see what happens here. Anyway… smaller cups and changing him before I go to sleep with him is helping a little bit I think. I also worry that he’s having lots of nightmares. But one can’t tell until he can tell me he had a bad dream I guess.


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2 Responses to “huge accomplishment (to me anyway)”

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Keep working on the bedtime thing. I know it was a struggle for us – and every so often he will make it a struggle again – but it makes life much easier in the long run…

RC: I’m kicking myself, I should have not worked this 2nd job and taken care of this problem LONG ago. It would have been much easier and maybe he’d be a better sleeper today. It’s harder now on both of us. 😦 We’ll get there.

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