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Un-freakin-believable. There are no other words.

We (me, the hubby, and two boys) were enjoying a gorgeous night at the park. They just got a big set-up of new equipment and we’ve been trying to go there often as the boys think it’s pretty fun. We rode our bikes there tonight and it’s too bad our fun didn’t get to last long.

Things I witnessed:

  • Kids making out
  • Kids yelling words I don’t think I know
  • Kids hitting, jumping and laying on cars (HUGE dents!)
  • Kid laying on the hood while the car tried to drive away
  • Kid hanging from the door (it was closed – window open) while car was driving away
  • Piles of trash thrown out and left by them
  • The hubby yelling at them to get off 🙂

Two kids left in the car after that. The rest of the kids went to the other side of the park. Then they sat on each others head, swung each other around, jumped on each other, just acted like complete idiots.

2nd car pulls up. Great. We ended up leaving after this because they took over the play equipment. Seriously you’re freakin 16 at least, because you’re driving. Do you have to take over the equipment that is currently being played on by LITTLE kids who are enjoying it?! They climbed on top of the tunnels, not in them. They sat at the end of the tunnels instead of continuing to move on so my kids couldn’t get through. BASTARDS!!! Even when we’re standing below saying just come down, they clearly aren’t moving and this isn’t fun anymore they still wouldn’t move!! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! I let them know I was pissed saying we’d have to play later as it’s being taken over by big kids who aren’t actually there to play.

I told my son, SO HELP ME… If I EVER and I mean EVER find out or catch you acting like them I’ll handcuff you to something in the house, I’ll home-school you and you’ll never be allowed to leave. First of all we have MAJOR respect for vehicles and watching them dent that car just made me want to beat the crap outta them. Like seriously. I wanted to just scream, it was horrible. And then watching how rude they were when they knew little kids were there playing. wow. wow. wow. It’s beyond words to even try explaining how pissed that makes me.

But all in all, we still had a good weekend. This was just one small half hour ruined.


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7 Responses to “punks!”

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ugh, I hate that. Kick their asses!

I would have called the cops. Not 911, but the non-emergency number, explaining the situation to them and asking them to stop by for a little visit.

In my corner of the world, we were booted off of picnic tables at the parks (that was a little too extreme), when we would hang-out as teenagers. At the time, we weren’t doing anything wrong – talking, laughing, drinking soda and just hanging-out, but it made parents by the playground equipment feel uncomfortable. Per the cops, that was enough of a reason to ask us to congregate at one of our homes, instead.

IM: I would have loved to.

RC: I kept asking the hubby if the cops would do anything or if I could call them as he used to be a cop. One time the sheriff drove by and every one of them stopped and watched him. Hello! Obvious! haha

If they would have been on a picnic table acting like normal human beings (wait… maybe that’s not even what I should say… acting like decent respectable junior high kids (it’s possible i think)) that would have been one thing. But to make us feel like we are on THEIR turf at the park with our kids is just sad.

Next time I’ll definitely call and request someone just stop by, check things out and ask them to move along. Litter in their own yards and do their acting like idiots for their parents to see.

I think I would have done as RC suggested. It makes you wonder what sort of parents they have…

That’s probably more than half the problem, the parents. 😦 Sad, but true.

Bratty teenagers….the cops should do a drive by of the parks more often.

I definitely would have called the cops. If nothing else, a cop, getting out of their car, could have at least scared the jerks off.

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