made the call

Posted on 20 May 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I’ve been really torn lately about working at night and quitting that second job. It’s like my little get-away to have some adult time. And trust me, I enjoy it. Sometimes I think I actually talk too much. hehe Oh wait I do that all the time don’t I! **evil laugh**

I called this morning and talked to my “boss”, she’s not really my boss, she’s in charge of the schedule and since I started there, I just talk to her about anything and everything. Which actually doesn’t end up to be much since I’m only there at night a few times a week. She was very understanding as she has kids herself and said herself it’d be hard to be away at night like that. That was comforting.

I wasn’t shocked when she asked if I’d stay on the schedule as a fill-in. Which, knowing her, means she’ll be calling me every other day. haha And we discussed my coming back once things settle and there’s not so much going on during these summer months. I think it’ll make me appreciate all my time at night even more now. There’s only so many nights and when the hubby is gone Monday, I’m gone Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that leave Friday night and the weekend, sometimes. He’s working this weekend so we’ll have Friday, Saturday night and Sunday.

I guess I’m going to be a little stingy with our time while I can. My bad-ass self has made this budget thing work so well, we can make this work for a while. I’m sure by the end of summer our checkbook will be screaming for me to go back to work, but until then….


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Somehow I don’t think you are going to regret spending extra time with your family. And they will appreciate it too.

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