and you thought the last post was bad

Posted on 21 May 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I posted about the drama at work. I thought it was some stupid rumor, nothing to worry about, we laughed about it and I thought it’d be over. Boy was I wrong. Tonight was un-freakin-believable.

The high school girl comes into the store screaming at me that now she’s going to kill me because I told my boyfriend what the deli girl told her and my boyfriend called the deli girl this morning saying I went home and gave him 20 questions last night and she knows it came from the high school girl.

Did that all make sense…. WOW! I had customers I was waiting on while this was going on!! I told her I don’t have time for her bullshit and she needs to leave me out of this drama. She said she couldn’t because she had to go talk to the deli girl now because the deli girl is going to curb-stomp her and kill her because she told me. Holy. Shit.

So she goes back to the deli, takes 2 other high school girls with her who are now in on all this bullshit. After talking to her she walks past me giving me the eye and takes the 2 other girls out into the entryway to explain everything I guess because they kept looking in at me.

When I got to work tonight I let one of the managers know what had happened last night. Wasn’t even complaining, just letting her know what was going on because something obviously needs to be done. Thinking it was over she didn’t do anything before she left the store tonight. It was not long after she left that all that shit above happened. I spoke to another manager letting her know I wouldn’t be working next week like I said I would. I had planned on finishing the month before I quit. But I said enough of this, I’m done now.

She called the manager I talked to earlier and let her know what was going on and begged me to stay next week. She said this problem WILL be resolved and not to worry.

Then I find out this chick is from the other side of the state, she’s on probation and living in a shelter house here. Nice. She’s completely crazy and now the probation officer is going to be let in on this fun stuff. I have NO idea who she is or why she picked ME of all people to start all this shit. I can’t help but wonder if she has me confused with someone else. But she’s sure convinced that she’s given my boyfriend a hickey.

I couldn’t even leave work tonight until my car was checked and the lot was free and clear of the deli girl.

So some crazy chick from how many miles away has showed up in this town, picked me to start some drama with and now I’m stuck in this shit, fearing leaving work and wondering who my mystery boyfriend is with the hickey. And I’ve got some high school girl who wants to kill me because I told my “boyfriend”.

I’m mentally exhausted.

In other news… the Mom who didn’t want to pay me… this week she ran out of checks. Why. Me. She’s going elsewhere for daycare now. I don’t have time for her shit, I clearly have bigger problems right now.


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2 Responses to “and you thought the last post was bad”

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Now I want to know who this boyfriend is… At least you look young enough to be involved in all this????

I’m curious to know who he is too. I really want to believe she has me confused with someone else. Whether or not someone’s going to be hurt before she realizes it… that’s another story.

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