high school drama 10 years later

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What a coincidence that I made the call to quit work yesterday morning and the drama started last night. It was like being in high school all over again!

This high school girl kept running up to the front to tell me she had to talk to me. It was later in the night before I finally got a chance to talk to her. And it went like this…

HS Girl: OMG! I have to talk to you! (high school talk for let the drama begin)
Me: Okay, I have time now, what.
HS Girl: You know *Jane that works in the deli?!
Me: Ummm, I know who she is, why.
HS Girl: Well, you can’t tell her I told you this because she’ll kill me. She already told me not to tell anybody, especially you! (This is all being said in that really high pitched annoying high school girl freaking out voice)
Me: Okay. (My enthusiasm was through the roof, let me tell you.)
HS Girl: OMG! So she gave your boyfriend a hickey!
Me: Oh yeah. Hmmm…..
Me: I’ll let you in on a little secret… someones story isn’t working because I don’t have a boyfriend.
HS Girl: Oh.

*Name changed

And then she walked away and that was it, didn’t see her the rest of the night. I’ve worked with this girl for about a year now at the store and she’s drama ALL the time. She’s always going to kick someones ass or has “called somebody out”. The way she talks, you’d think the whole town was scared of her. But….. it’s just talk.

The girl in the deli has only been there for a couple months. All I know about her is her boyfriend took her cell phone away because he caught her texting all these other guys and she’s broke all the time and from what I’ve seen she can only afford bread, cigarettes and the scrap meat from the deli. One night she even took home a 5-gallon bucket because she didn’t have a garbage can. That’s ALL the more I’ve heard from her. So that tells you how good I know her and she knows me.

So I don’t know who my poor boyfriend is, but he’s getting the shit end of the stick if he’s trading me in for her. No ego here. I’m just being honest.


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Weirdness. Freaking weirdness. Reason #265 why teenagers should be sent away to camps.

Yeah… Time to be done with them. And I don’t miss the high school drama at all.

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