odd dipping

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Little man found a new snack a couple weeks back and I can’t believe he’s still eating it. He dips those mini-saltines in pudding. He doesn’t care what flavor of pudding it is either. Last night it was either vanilla or banana cream.

I can get him to eat pretty good if I find things for him to dip. Breakfast he likes to dip toaster sticks filled with maple syrup in more maple syrup, as if he doesn’t drink enough of that already. He’s been getting syrup these past couple weeks, I ran out of honey and the prices drove me back to syrup, for now. I need to make a trip out of town for groceries and I’ll stock up on honey now that I know he liked it just as well.

Today has been a MUCH MUCH better day. It’s just me and little man. We took brother to school and didn’t come back inside until it was time for a nap, which I made him take early because it’s big brother’s school program today. We walked to the grocery store and bought poopin’ medicine for Mommy, a doughnut for little man and some wet wipes for when he finished his doughnut. We walked to another store in search of tennis balls, but came out empty-handed. Walked back home because the other store we needed wasn’t open for another half hour. So we played outside, practiced some more riding bike. He’s THIS close to figuring out how to pedal and ride brother’s old bike. THIS close! So I just pushed him around on it and kept helping him push the pedals. That made for lots of fun when he’d stand up and step back on the pedals to lock up the brakes and I’d jam my toe into the training wheels and he’d laugh his ass off. Nice son. Thanks.

Back to town we went. Walked back to the store, got our tennis balls and walked back home. By that time the trains were moving. I told him we could walk, it’s only a couple blocks, but he wanted to drive and since I was driving to see trains we just went the extra couple blocks to the second hand store too. Yeah! It’s like heaven for weirdo’s like me who want bargains. There’s also some crappy deals there, like the jacks little man just HAD to have. I pay 2 bucks for AE shorts, 3 bucks for A&F shorts, 2 bucks for shorts for big brother and 50 cents for a set of crappy jacks that I’ve already stepped on I don’t know how many times. Some are probably already missing from my kicking them across the kitchen after stepping on them. Oh the joys.

It’s my last 2 nights of work tonight and tomorrow night. You know how you get when you know you’re going to be done working somewhere. It’s SO hard to go. At least I have the good shift so I’ll be done by 9. I’m taking a bat with me. I got pulled into the office AGAIN the other day and was told by the main manager that she doesn’t believe the deli girl she decided. Apparently she’s heard too much “stuff”. Ummm… okay. She said her and the high school girl worked together the night before and didn’t have any problems so she thinks I’ll be just fine. Great. Thanks. Does that mean I should watch my back because this crazy chick is going to curb stomp my ass or does that mean it’s done and she’s moved on? 2 nights… 8 hours… I can do this.


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I just got caught up on all your latest drama and all I can say is…WOW! Good luck with all of that.

You are lucky you can walk to town and visit stores. I wish I lived close enough to the stores I frequent to do that.

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