back away from the blonde!!

Posted on 3 June 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I had a new girl cut my hair yesterday. What a hellish start from the beginning. My appointment was at 3:30, I got there at about 3:20 and she said she was running late and asked if I could come back in about half an hour. Said to be back by 3:50 and she’d be ready to go. I was back by 3:50 and still sat until almost 4:45!! NOT a good first impression to me or town. She’s new to town.

I explain to her what I want for dye and we start looking through colors. Her hair is BLONDE. I’m not a blonde person. I don’t like blonde and it looks terrible on me because I’m so pale. I just sort of fade away with blonde. So she’s insistent we should go blonde, she keeps asking me if I like blonde, what I think of blonde, if I like her blonde hair, etc. “Yes, your hair is cute, but blonde is just not for me.” GAH! Leave the blonde alone!! She went back to the color I don’t know how many times. We ended up deciding on a brown with red & purple color, which I love. But she didn’t do the back the way I wanted.

I actually wonder if because she was running so late if she got in hurry and didn’t do a great job. She dyed my forehead & my neck and then after all was said and done she’s like “Oh oops, just put some makeup on that.”

I had told the lady who referred me to her that I wanted someone younger and more up with today’s cuts to try my hair. She was much younger than I expected, which wouldn’t be a problem, but I think she just hurried too much. Worried about other things besides her work. Which she should be VERY careful about because she can’t even fill up 2 whole days of work in the week yet. Might want to take care of who ya got then, wouldn’t you think??

The good that came out of this… she cuts better than my other lady. So I’m not sure what I’ll do next time. Let her cut and let someone else do dye? What a pain in the ass.


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3 Responses to “back away from the blonde!!”

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I’m actually contemplating going back to curls, because the straightening is such a pain in the ass. Plus, by the time I straighten and then color the grays, my hair feels like straw. I can’t win.

I finally found someone that I like to do my hair. I’m not changing until I’m forced to (like he moves away or something).

Post pics!

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