i am THAT parent

Posted on 8 June 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

As many times as I’ve said I don’t want to be THAT parent, I always end up being THAT parent. And once again this weekend… I was.

Little man had gone to Gramma and Papa’s to play for a while. There wasn’t a set time when I’d go back to pick him up so I called every so often to find out if he was ready or if Gramma was ready to send him back home. She kept saying he was fine and could stay to keep playing. The last time I called I finally asked if she was sick of me calling? Am I that parent that calls a million times and won’t just leave him alone? Is it getting annoying? At first she said no, but then I told her the story about how when my one little daycare girl is here and Mom’s out of town her Dad calls all the time throughout the day to check on her. Gramma finally admitted that yes, that’s what I was doing and it might be getting slightly annoying. 🙂 haha She didn’t want to be rude and just flat out tell me to quit calling.

I just worry that little man doesn’t always listen and is exhausting everybody and they’ll never let him come back again. Hey. It could happen. And if there’s not a set time to pick him up… heck I might not come back for a couple days! Now THAT could happen for sure! mwaahaahaa 🙂


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I do the same thing…. But usaully just to make sure me and daddy have mor time to hang out!!!!

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