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Posted on 9 June 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

I love how little man is talking so much more these days. I can sit and talk to him now. It’s so sweet. We’ve been talking about his birthday mostly these days. Each and every day we talk about his bowling party and he shows me where the bowling set is. Sometimes he’ll tell me he’s going to be two, but mostly he’s worried about his bowling party. Not even so much the party. He just wants to bowl.

And I’m going completely off track. Oops.

Back to the conversation… The other night we were downstairs, I was doing laundry and little man and Daddy were playing in our nice and neat and super clean basement room, future family room hopefully. I felt stuff in my son’s pocket and when I took it out little man took it and said…

LM: Brubber’s (Brother’s)
M: Yes it is, maybe you can save it for him or maybe just put it in his room so we don’t lose it.
LM: bedroom?
M: Yes, just put it away and brother will say thank you for putting it away and saving it for him.
LM: Brubber. My put back.           Oh. Thank You {insert little man’s name here}.

He totally had a conversation with his brother by himself!! I was laughing SO freakin hard. The absolute best was the end and him saying Thank You. {His Name}.

I wish I could rewind and go back to get that on tape. I just can’t capture it’s cuteness with these words! GAH!


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3 Responses to “conversation with self”

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How sweet!! I can just picture him in my head having his conversation

awe what a sweety. They’re so fun at this age.

That is adorable!

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