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I honestly can’t think of a single idea to post about so I thought it’d be random thoughts today.

Little Man’s 2nd Birthday is right around the corner. I’ve finished designing his invites but haven’t been able to print them. The printer wasn’t printing great and my extra ink had dried up after all those years sitting on my shelf. Oops. I wasted my magnet paper trying to get good copies and now I’ve received that in the mail, but I’m still waiting for my ink.

He’s having a bowling party and he’s one excited boy waiting for that to roll around. Everyday he tells us about his bowling party and who’s going to be there. And he makes sure to tell his brother that it’s HIS bowling party. Brother tends to get him all riled up saying it’s his bowling party and then the fight is on. We ordered bowling plates, cups, etc online and we picked up a set of bowling pins and ball and a bowling pin pinata. Hopefully the pinata works better this year than it did last. I also need to get his “I’m 2” shirt made.

We are dealing with the heat right now. We had an estimate on a new furnace and central air and then spent the next 2 weeks trying to get ahold of the guy again. We finally did and he said he’d be doing that for us but when…. he didn’t know. Nice. He did say he hoped to get here the beginning of next week to start. Great. We’re going to be some hot, sweaty, crabby people by the time this is done.

For the first time in my life (except maybe when I was real little) I’m tan! It’s awesome. No I didn’t sit in the sun and bake for hours on end on purpose. It’s just from being outside with the kids non-stop. They don’t understand that I’m burned and needing out of the sun. I have a lovely farmer’s tan. Legs tan to the bottom of my shorts and arms and shoulders tan to the outline of my shirt. Hey, nobody knows but me. Well except for you…. and you and you and you that just read that.

We are currently taking a small break from outside (for today) and I’m getting my ars kicked in Wii Bowling by a 6 year old. And he thinks it’s sooooo funny.

I worked the last two nights at the store. I said I’d be a fill-in and after a lady up and quit one day and moved to Colorado I took her spot. It was nice to get out of the house for a couple nights, but I missed being at home. See… people are never happy are they. I’ll be glad to be home tonight. My first night of work… I had a drunk guy who had peed his pants, he came over to buy a cake, candles and some roses for somebody at the bar having a birthday. Not exactly the guy I’d want wishing me a happy birthday, but whatever. I also had the deli girl being my best friend. She told me all about some girl who wanted to fight her earlier in the day and she told her to bring it. haha This chicks so crazy she’s funny. Then she told me about her sunglasses breaking and then about stabbing herself in the wrist with her box cutter. Oh the joys.

Little man is talking like crazy!!! It’s so fun having conversations with him. And the things he says….. OMG I love it. “How bout….. ummmm…… (and then he’ll pick something)” “Doing. Mom.” “Guys doing. Play t-ball? Mine play t-ball.”  I need to keep better track of everything…. He talks about basketball a lot too and spends countless hours dribbling a ball with two hands. He currently has a tattoo on his belly of a basketball. He loves all sports right now. I have a feeling we’ll be chasing this one around to numerous activities.

Today he climbed the outside of the swingset and when he got to the platform where you go down the slide…. he jumped!! It’s about 4 feet up I’d guess. I about had a heart attack. When I freaked out and said don’t do that again, he laughed and said “Mom! My jumped!!”

Some awesome news!!!!!!!!! NO more syrup and warm water!! I said No. We’re done. His teeth will be rotten. So we quit. Cold turkey. I’m remembering saying this about the bottle…… That was so easy I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner?! Just like the bottles, we just moved the syrup and honey bear and said they were all gone. Just like that (with a few tears that first night or two, but nothing major), we were done. Thank goodness!

Annnnnnd…… in approximately 11 days, my Zia and Brother will be HOME!!! And also in 11 days Gramma will have her hip surgery. We’re looking forward to playing tag with her after that! 🙂 haha We just really want her all better, she’s so dang miserable right now. And to chase little man…. she needs TWO good hips!

A sneak peak at his birthday invite…..



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A bowling party! How cute is that?! He’s going to have so much fun.

I have the same tan you do. Every year I get it watching my daughter play softball. Nobody has to know that it’s a farmers tan though…

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