mommy and little man time

Posted on 23 June 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

We had an awesome night last night, just me and little man. We started on a walk with the stroller but little man’s mind was changed quickly when the park came into view. He was standing up in the stroller (WISH I would have had my flip – darn it.) shaking his butt, dancing, jumping, pointing at the park and yelling park, so we changed plans and played at the park for the night. It’s so fun watching him get so excited. He’s yelling “Mom! Com’ere!” “Mom! Run!” “Mom! Jump!” And then you hear me yelling “NO!”. And he just keeps going. Yelling, “Slide! Swing! Climb!”. So much fun.

There was an elderly couple out for a walk and they stopped at the park to swing for a little bit. IT WAS SO CUTE!! Watching them swing and laugh and talk. OMG. Seriously, it melted my heart. So happy. So in love they were. The lady wanted little man to come swing with her too, but he was too shy. So he just yelled bye and waved when they left and I think they were just as happy with that.

He took over the swings as soon as they left. I taught him to swing sideways, you know where two people swing next to each other, at each other. Sitting on the swing the right way, just swinging the other direction. I’m terrible at explaining. Does anybody know what I’m talking about. Probably not. Annnnyyyyywayyyyyy……… he loved it, he laughed so hard when we’d meet in the middle. I wish I could have recorded it, but I don’t have Inspector Gadget arms so it just wasn’t possible. Next time.

We also swung with me on the seat and him sitting facing me. He didn’t like that one as much.


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I love watching the excitement of the park!!

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