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We are going to rewind to June 29… Uncle R arrives. He planned on taking a couple days to get home, but decided to drive straight through, which meant he arrived in the wee early morning hours and we were sound asleep. I stayed awake following him until he was about 50 miles from home and then I crashed. Which…. actually was the worst time for me to fall asleep, after he’d been driving for SO long and was SO close to home. You do know most accidents occur close to home. But… there I go play the what if game, all was well and I had to wait for him to wake up the next day to see him. Little man reacted just as I thought he would, SCARED. He backed himself, he didn’t take his eyes off him the whole time and didn’t want to be too close to him, into the corner of the couch one time. Another he tripped over two toys trying to get away. He takes a bit to warm up to someone new, but once he does he’ll be attached to your hip.

Next Zia came home. What a nightmare that was, not her coming home just the trip home, haha. We had the worst storm ever going on here and she was trying to fly in. She was stuck about 50 miles from home with two options. Fly back to a bigger airport and wait or have someone come get her. She wanted us to come get her so we loaded up and dropped daycare kids off at home and just as we were ready to hit the road she called and said someone was coming that way and coming back home and would bring her back. WOOT!! Turned out to be our head EMT here so that was super nice. Glad we didn’t have to drive in the storm. We had tornado strength winds (something called straight winds I think), ripped out HUGE pine trees, cut trees in half, knocked out power and left us with a basement full of water. Everything around town was flooded. Streets were all rivers and cars were either under water or had trees laying on them. What a mess!!

We had plans on going out of town the next couple days but between the storm mess and the heating/air conditioning guys we decided we’d better stay home. And then the jerks didn’t even show up like they were supposed to. That was a huge nasty mess in itself. They’d say they’d be here and wouldn’t show up, then the boss would think they were here and they weren’t and one time they’d even packed up all their stuff and left when he thought they were here. OMG. It was a nightmare. Day one they worked for half an hour. Day two they worked for one and one half hours. Day three that they were here, which was actually days later they worked a whole day.

So then we are to Friday, little man finally gets to see Zia and Gramma together!!! TWINS!!! I needed to be in first and have the camera on him, but it didn’t work that way. DAMN IT!! You should have seen him. He went running up the stairs starting to say Gramma, but he stopped dead in his tracks and just looked back and forth. If only we could have known what he was thinking?! When Zia got here she’s ask him where Gramma was and he’d point at her, but then he was calling her Zia. Poor kid has been SO confused!! Now he just has two Gramma’s 🙂

He also got to see Bappo and Grandma (Daddy’s parents) on their way through town. As usual, it took some warming up but he got better. It was the typical I’ll play, I’ll talk to you, but don’t you dare pick me up. They came through on his actual birthday so we had a little picnic at the park and came back home for ice cream cake and presents.

Then came the family reunion. And I was wondering why little man is so terrified of everything lately…… OVERWHELMED MAYBE!!! DUH. Imagine being little mister momma’s boy like he is and then having to meet 40+ people at ONE time!! He didn’t like that much. And family pictures were a nightmare to say the least. My idea of getting that whole group together for a family picture is to keep the separate families together and just get everybody in there together. Oh no, this idiot had us all split up. This is the first time my hubby has met everyone like that, so imagine how nice that was stuck up there in the corner with a bunch of people he didn’t know. Hello. This is NOT how we do this. Professional photographer my ass. This also meant kids were split up and wanting/needing their parents. OMG. It was a mess.

Just last week we took a trip to the water slides and the zoo. Great moments from that trip: A macaw telling my oldest son to “SHUT UP” (OMG!!), little man getting bit by a baby goose, the water slides, the water slides, the water slides, OH did I already say the water slides(!), little man walking by the sleep number store and me hearing him say “Santa sleepin” sure enough a large man with a very big white beard was trying out one of the beds(!!). SO much fun!! And you’ll never guess where little man slept!! In the hotel bathroom with the fan on. I went in first with him and didn’t remember the light came on with the fan so when I turned it on it completely pissed him off. So Daddy came in to take the light bulb out, he did so, set it on the counter and later that fell off and broke all over. Nice. So then knowing the fan would work for him we drug the couch cushions into the bathroom, laid out his blankets on those and made him a bed in there. And that’s where he slept until I woke and then we pushed him out into the living room part of our room. At least we aren’t doing that at home anymore.

Finally this weekend we had little man’s big bowling birthday party that he’s so patiently waited for. We grilled some burgers and hotdogs and had salad and chips. The kids played bowling, t-ball, had punching balloons and squirt guns and just played until presents came out then they had the little trampoline to jump on too. I had this bright idea to mow a “2” into the yard and Daddy did just that. He mowed all the grass except the “2” and then spray painted it black to see it better. I’m being too lazy to post pictures but if you wanna see it, I’d love to share it with you.

Anyway…. I’m sure I’m missing TONS out of there, but that brings me up to date a little bit anyway.

OH! And little man is covered in spots again. 😦 I think/hope it might be from being gone to the motel and water slides and zoo and all that new stuff he’s not used to. New soap, new sheets, new towels, etc. He had a fever with it for one day, but that has passed. Now just the spots are left and they are even faded quite a bit. The weird part was… my little daycare girl had the same exact spots on the same day!! He got them Saturday morning and she came to the birthday party Saturday afternoon and had also gotten them that morning. WTH?!

I didn’t have time to proof this before posting, so if it’s messy and doesn’t all make sense, I apologize in advance. I have to get a few things done before the kids wake.


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