little mans sleep issues

Posted on 15 July 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

We MUST figure out a plan, a daily routine for bedtime for this little guy and stick with it. I talked to the doctor today just to see what he had to say and he laughed and said they are having the same problem with their little guy, except he’s only up once or twice a night. He said if I figure something out that works to let them know too.

We cut back on giving him lots of liquids because it turned into a vicious circle of giving him drinks and changing diapers all night long. He’s been fine with that. We also had taken away the warm water and syrup so that really cut back because he wasn’t liking straight water or milk. He’s sort of liking milk now, but only takes a few drinks, which is actually okay because he doesn’t wake up soaked and need another cup to go back to sleep. I don’t want him to be dependent on having a cup to go back to sleep, which is what was happening. But doc did mention today trying warm milk. He used to have his milk warm all the time so I decided today at nap time I’d try it and he drank the entire cup. Sucked it dry. (OMG…. I’ve tried typing that like 3 different ways now and no matter what I type it sounds dirty, so just deal with that.)

He lays down SO good for me during the day at nap time. We cuddle a minute, give hugs and kisses and get all tucked in. And normally, that’s it. Today he whined a teensy bit, but it lasted about 10 seconds and he was curled in and drifting off. Bed time is a whole ‘nother story!! It’s easier for Daddy to get him to sleep. WAAAAAAY easier!! He always wants me to lay by him, so last night I actually just laid IN the crib with him (which is actually more like a daybed, because the side is off) but he kept wanting me to get up and hold him and move around and play musical beds so Daddy came in there, told little man that Mommy had to go clean (which is SOO not fair, because I really did need to, but I got my laundry done! woot!! haha) and that little turd went RIGHT to sleep. Now what the heck?! Why’s he go to sleep SO good for me during the day, but night time it torture?!

We are getting a different bed for his room today. A double bed so I could sleep in there with him, BUT then I keep thinking…. I’m still not fixing the problem of making him go to sleep on his own and stay in his own bed. GAH!!! I’m SO torn!!


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I would have dad take over the bedtime routine for a week, and see if that makes a difference when you come back on the job. Just a thought?

We haven’t had this problem, so I can only offer ideas…

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