reformat is pregnant!!

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I was hoping that title would get your attention!! haha I really really am pregnant!!
And now to answer all the questions that’ll come in…

Was it planned: Yes. It was specifically planned for this time as I REFUSED to be really pregnant (as in 7, 8, 9 months along) in the summer EVER again!! That was terrible.

How far along: 5 weeks

Do I want more after this: I don’t know. After 2 boys I’ve finally decided I want a girl, if this isn’t a girl well then…… haha I guess we’ll be trying again.

Due Date: The date I have right now is March 27. Which is RIGHT before Papa’s birthday (March 29).

How did we tell everybody: Via flickr. I made a video of little man, he was supposed to be telling everybody there was a baby in Momma’s tummy, but as usual ADD kicked in on that kid and he said Momma’s tummy… tickle tickle tickle… (and I’m back there whispering baby… momma’s tummy)… and he’s all, Uncle Ranny come home… HAHAHA I keep whispering No baby momma’s tummy and I’m pointing and so then he starts whispering baby. OMG. It was SO freakin cute!! Finally at the end he yells BABY(!) and when I asked where, he said baby my bedroom. ACK!! NOBODY was getting it, I think they all just thought I sent them a video of little man eating pasta and talking. haha So I had to give it away in the comments because everybody was lost and confused.

Little man found out last week, but had no idea what that was about so our secret was safe with him. (We didn’t plan on telling until after I’d been to the doctor, but I don’t go until the end of August and well…. I can’t exactly hide this thing any longer.) He found the test in the bathroom and I wish I had our conversation on video. He asked what it was and I said it was a test and he asked why and I said it told us if there was a baby or not and he said baby all cute and then that was that. BUT then after that we kept saying there was a baby in Momma’s tummy and he’d go get HIS  baby doll and shove it up our shirts!! So cute 🙂

In other news… I had a major scare this morning. Little man scared me bad. He woke this morning and came out with Daddy who said he thought his leg was asleep maybe because he was limping along. After 2 hours he was still not walking. He was sort of taking really small steps and then dragging his left leg along. He’d scream in pain saying, “help me, my knee hurts”. After I got all my daycare parents out the door and my oldest was sweet enough to take the kids outside to play for a bit I was able to concentrate more on little man and what the heck was going on. Even though I had NO idea what was wrong. For about 45 minutes he stayed in the hallway and screamed bloody murder and wouldn’t let me touch him. I did realize during that time that on top of whatever was wrong with his knee he was constipated. I called Daddy and couldn’t get ahold of him, so then we called Gramma to our rescue. By the time Gramma got here he still didn’t want me to touch him but he was up walking. And by the time Daddy got here he was even better. Which made me look like a big ol’ liar! OMG…. if they only could have seen him earlier. Anyway, he got a couple really good poops outta him and he was off riding his bike around the block and completely back to his old self. I hope there’s not something really wrong with his knee…. HSP back? Arthritis? Who the heck knows….

More other news… We attempted to just cut out a small section of counter top and remove a cabinet in our downstairs little kitchen area (I think our house was set up for an apartment way back when) so we could put a deep freeze into that spot and we found MOLD! YUCK!!! NOT what I needed to deal with right now. I wanted that little kitchen area removed, but I didn’t plan on doing that right now. But it’s now gone and Daddy has cut the sheetrock up and I’ve sprayed the area with some treatment stuff to stop the mold and get rid of all the yuck. Hopefully we’ll have that all cleaned up and back to normal soon. It’s SOOO nice having that crap gone.

And even MORE other news… My birthday is Friday!!! 🙂 In case you care to come celebrate with me.


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#2 – Happy birthday!

A BIG congatulations to you! How exciting! x

HOLY COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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