failed attempt at veggies

Posted on 12 August 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Trying to get little man to try veggies is just not happening. He tends to be quite the picky little eater, which normally drives me crazy. The other day I made him pasta, which I knew he’d eat for sure, and some mixed veggies hoping to get some veggies into him. I was thinking maybe the variety of colors would be appealing to him. But that’s just not how it works. I guess kinda like my brother showing me his Ahi tuna tower that was very colorful but didn’t look the least bit appealing to me. haha Our conversation went like this…

Me: Little man your veggies are really good for you, you should eat them.
LM: Good. Me.
Me: Yes, here have a bite.
LM: No. My pasta good me too?
Me: (Oh crap…..) Yes, pasta is good for you too.
LM: My eat pasta.
Me: (Gah!) Ok. you eat your pasta.

A little while later……

Me: Here little man just have one bite of veggies.
(He had been eating all the corn out of the bowl)
LM: (Hands out in front of him pushing me away with the spoon) (Yelling) NOOOOO!!!!! My eat my popcorns!!!

I was then laughing too hard to try making him eat anymore. At least he ate some corn and all his pasta.


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3 Responses to “failed attempt at veggies”

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You know I just discontinued the whole pureed veggie problem a couple of months ago, due to a similar issue, right? I figured if I could get him to like and eat the stuff as pureed, getting used to the texture later would be easier.

Oh, and we still do veggie/fruit juice blends in our house for the morning cup of juice.

I get him that V Fusion juice so at least he gets a little bit.

He sounds so cute! I wouldn’t worry about the veggie thing too much. Most kids eventually get so they like them.

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