wish i could have called in sick

Posted on 18 August 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

Today has just flat out sucked. No better way to put it without using some colorful words. It’s the first day I’ve been puking sick. To you Mom’s out there who have been through pregnancy and months of puking…. my heart goes out to you. I’m not my usual self. I’m usually in overdrive, today I feel like I’m in reverse.

My relationship with tomatoes is over. I tried eating some tomatoes, I don’t even know why, after puking and it was my lucky day because the first one I popped into my mouth was ROTTEN. Ugggg……. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a very long time before those look good to me again. DANG! Why I wanted tomatoes after puking is beyond me, sounds like an odd choice.

Trying to explain to 2 year olds that they can’t hit my stomach and why I can’t hold them 24/7 like I used to is like explaining rocket science to them. I have my 2 1/2 year old little daycare girl who has issues anyway, but then she wants me to hold her ALL the freakin time and she’s a big girl anyway. So today I held her for a bit and then told her I need to put her down and she bawled and bawled and bawled for me to “pick her”. Yeah… she pretty much hates me today after that. And my little man here needs to quit freakin hitting me. He hit me so hard today I thought I was going to hurl on him. This baby is going to come out fighting.

Some good news… I’m working on flashcards with little man and he’s doing EXCELLENT!! He loves the pentagon. haha Of all shapes to pick, he loves that one for some reason. I think he shocked Gramma and Papa a little bit when he told them Pentagon and Octagon. I also worked on the letter A with the kids yesterday and today while watching Super Why (the greatest cartoon!) they were supposed to find the letter A. I held little man up to the tv and he picked out the A right away! YEAH!! I was shocked when we started doing colors. He knew more colors than he’s been letting us know. He especially waits for me to show the picture of the “UCKY BUG”. It’s so cute how he says it.

Today we are doing B. I have the letter B and a banana for them to color, and banana’s and blueberries for snacks. The structue of having this every afternoon is going to be good for little man I think. He NEEDS structure. He’s so insanely wild that anything to get him to relax and sit and listen for a while has got to be beneficial to him.


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4 Responses to “wish i could have called in sick”

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I have been out of the blogging world lately & popped by to discover that you are pregnant. Congrats!

Well…….if this is the first pregnancy that you have been SICK….maybe that is a sign of a certain gender?????? Hummm…..?????? 😉

So glad that the pregnancy is going well (per your earlier post), but yuck about the puking! Hope it gets better soon!

Super Why is awesome and is the favorite program in the house right now. My guy’s letters have improved beyond what I’ve done with him, through that program, I believe.

I was soooo sick during all of my pregnancies. I lost weight in the beginning. I feel for you.

And structure is always a good thing. I’m looking forward to having more structure here now that school is starting tomorrow.

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