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Yesterday was a nightmare day for me and C. The day started out good, but I should have known it was going to go downhill when he only took a 20 minute nap. I tried and tried to get him to sleep longer but it was not working. He was done and up and ready to go, with a crabby, whiny attitude. I started the list of bribes almost immediately. If he took his pictures today at brother’s school I’d give him 5 bucks to buy a snack, he could go to Gramma and Papa’s, he could pick brother up AT his classroom instead of waiting outside for him, he could go to the park, he could have stickers and the list went on.

Bath time was our first step, which is normally a very easy step. He loves bath time and often takes bath 2 or 3 times a day. Sometimes he’ll just decide in the middle of the day he wants to take a bath. Into the tub he went, we filled the tub up and I was just stepping out of the bathroom to grab something when he starts screaming hysterically. Back into the bathroom I go and he’s screaming and pointing into the water. Aaaah…… floaties. Fantastic. Could it have been just one big poop, oh heck no, it’s the (what we’re used to) constipated pebble poop, many many of them floating around and sinking to the bottom. So thus starts the process of draining the tub. For most this is an easy thing, for us…. it takes FOREVER. We have the worlds slowest draining tub, which I really need to get fixed…. somehow. So it takes a good 10-15 minutes to drain the tub. Then I scooped all those lovely little poops out, scrubbed the tub and started all over with fresh water. All was well, we finished the bath quickly and hopped out.

After getting out he did his routine of being his normal self and running around naked and refusing to get a diaper on and such. So after I MADE him stand there to get lotion on and next thing I know he spits up all down the front of him. Fabulous! This just gets more exciting by the minute! So after another sponge bath, more lotion, finally getting dressed, hair combed and sprayed and ready to go, we packed the bag and we were set. This would be easy right….. we’d just walk in, sit down, have a picture and get all those bribes I’d promised him.


He was very excited on the way to the school, he was getting his picture taken and he had his little packet with him. He’d told me numerous times how he was going to smile and that he was going to say cheese. The first problem there was it was high school age girls taking the pictures, they weren’t REALLY into it, they didn’t act like they wanted to be there and honestly if you’re going to take pictures of KIDS, you HAVE to be into it. It’s kinda  a job requirement I’d say.

So C climbs up onto the blocks that are there, sits down and is completely expressionless. He wouldn’t even look at the camera, he just looked the other way and completely ignored everybody. A few times he’d look over at the camera and stick his tongue out. One girl walked over to him and showed him her “tickle monster”, he glared at her. She completely left the area. hahaha He must have frightened her! I tried reverse pyschology telling him NOT to smile, which normally works, but given the new environment he didn’t care at all that I was even talking to him. I pulled bribes out of his bag and he just ignored me. One other girl said something to him, asked him to please smile or something and that’s when he lost it. Reached his arms out and cried Momma I’m done.

There were numerous times, had the girl been paying attention, she could have taken A picture, any picture. A picture of his mischievous little grin would have been fine with me. Even him looking away could have been cute, but oh well. Guess it’s my turn to try.


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This is why I’m so thankful for our friend, who is a professional photographer.

You’ve done a good job in the past, so I would say just take him to the park again and try. Hang in there!

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