17 weeks (16ish week appointment)

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Wow. 17 weeks! Where has the time gone?! I was talking to a first time Mom a while back who has a 9 month old and she was saying how 9 months of her baby girl’s growing up went so much faster than 9 months of pregnancy. I giggled to myself later thinking, yep that’s how it goes for the most part. Thing is, once you’re onto baby #3 there isn’t time to think about the pregnancy. Just like now, I’m almost half way through and wondering where the time went, when do I get to just sit and relax and enjoy the pregnancy. Well, lately it’s been about 2 am and I’m not really enjoying it then, I’m miserable and can’t sleep because I can’t get comfortable. It seems like just yesterday I was asking for this baby and now voila half way through almost. I look back on my last pregnancy and I blogged everything, I kept track of everything. Now it seems the only time I really remember is when I’m trying to find something to wear (as I have 1 pair of maternity jeans and 1 maternity shirt) or C punches me in the gut….. again. Those are pretty good reminders.

I’m not near as happy with my OB doctor this time. He just doesn’t seem “into” being a doctor this time. I’ve learned a bit more about him in these past few days which gave me a little insight into why maybe he seems a little off in his own world. My doctor’s appointment yesterday was our first time getting to hear the heart beat. I don’t care if I’ve had 10 babies, it’s still the sound of your babies heart beat and it’s amazing! After listening I said I wished I would have brought my Flip so I could have recorded that little heart beat. I didn’t do that with my other kids so that would have been something fun to have. He was a little shocked that I wanted to do that, he said usually only first time Mom’s care about that stuff. Which brings me to my point of him not seeming real interested. I’ve gotten the feeling that because it’s my third he sees this as all just routine stuff and expects me to be like eh ya whatever, alls good, cool see ya in 9 months to pop that thing out.

And he’s SO damn worried about what we’ll do for birth control after this baby. Seriously if he asks again I’m thinking I’m going to tell him I’ve gotten pretty heavy into religion and it’s now against my religion to take birth control so I won’t be needing anything. When I told him I wanted the same as I was on before this baby he was like WHY?? You plan on having more?? Ummmm……. MAYBE?! You got a problem with it?? He asked if we were gluttons for punishment. Me maybe yeah, the man on the other hand….. from the look on his face I think he was with the doc and was thinking OMG get me outta here!! haha But seriously…. he’s making me feel so uncomfortable and like this is all just boring routine stuff to him.

I spoke to my friend who’s also pregnant (about 8 weeks along) and also seeing the same doctor as me and she’s having the exact same feelings. We both loved him last time. And we are both on our third. He’s asked her about birth control EVERY SINGLE TIME, just like me. Every appointment. WTF?! Maybe next time we’ll just tell him to write it down so he’ll quit asking us and acting like we’re crazy. She too feels like he’s just not really into it anymore. He new and young so he shouldn’t be burned out all ready, unless he just made a wrong career choice.

Anyway… about the actual pregnancy. Things are good, great, grand! He FINALLY gave us a due date, because we asked! March 27th it is. Of course then he was like maybe a little before, maybe a little after. Oooooh no buddy, you say March 27th and you better have this thing outta me then. No if, ands or buts about it. haha I’m just kidding. Maybe he’ll/she’ll be  a couple days late and give Papa a birthday present he won’t be able to forget! 🙂

Speaking of he/she. Since I had my 16 week appointment kinda late, we’ll be going for an ultrasound around week 21. Which is a-okay with me, I said you just make that appointment for whenever you’ll be able to tell me if this is a boy or a girl. And so she makes my appointment for Friday the 13th!!!! Are you serious?! GAH!! haha Hopefully it’ll be some kind of reverse luck thing. Already when I left the office that day to have my blood work done they drew the wrong tube and I had to go back and have more drawn and the girl who did it the 2nd time sucked and it hurt like hell. That did not make me feel good about this whole Friday the 13th thing.

Zia already gave her guess, she says boy. I guessed very soon after I was pregnant and said boy, so everybody else better get to guessing. We have 4 weeks of waiting.

I was looking back at ultrasound pictures the other day. J’s pictures looked normal. In one of C’s pictures he looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle, had this weird band across his face in the pictures. And this baby looks like a bird!!

I now must go make the most of my quiet time while C is sleeping. Having 5 kids here for a good part of the day means lots of messes.


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I have a cousin with five kids and I know she has taken a lot of heat for having a big family. I don’t get why some people – especially your OB – want to push their feelings onto others.

Glad all is going well, otherwise!

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