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I’m curious about everybody’s bedtime routine for their kids. I’m left wishing I could clone myself at night, it’s stressful for me. C (2 years old) needs to go to bed earlier than J (10 years old) obviously, but it’s so hard to get C to bed without feeling like I’m leaving J out. This would be a lot easier if C was easier to put to bed……. but that’s a whole ‘nother topic, how to get kids to go to sleep on their own. Getting C to bed can sometimes take an hour! So if this process starts at 8pm, it could last until 9.

I want J in bed before 9, but I don’t make him go to bed at 8. But my having to put C to bed means J gets left alone to fend for himself for that time or he just ends up going to his room and entertaining himself… playing computer, reading or watching tv. Which really when you think about it, isn’t awful, some alone time is good too. But I know for a fact that we have some jealous feelings anyway so that’s what makes it most hard.

I NEED HELP! I don’t know how to do this.

How do you put your kids to bed. I’ve tried letting J hang out in C’s room while I read him stories before bed, but that never works because they end up horsing around and not going to sleep. Most nights C and I will take J down to his room, tuck him in, say good nights, give hugs and kisses and then head back upstairs to get C to bed. But I of course feel guilty thinking about J feeling jealous that I’m going to spend more time with C while he just gets tucked in and left alone. I think I’d feel less guilty if I could tuck them both in and they’d both go to sleep on their own. Not to mention, my stress level would be unbelievably lower!

So how do you do it?

Not to mention… I have NOOOOO idea what I’m going to do when the baby comes.


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Your ten year old probably doesn’t mind some alone time even if you feel guilty. My kids are sharing a room and they are young so it is different.

I think the only way to get the 2 year old to sleep on his own is to let him cry it out. Since he is already 2, that will take about a week with crying every night for at least an hour. It will be painful while you are training him to do it, but once it is done you’ll be happy. That is if you can handle it. Something to consider…

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