it’s been so long…

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I’m not even sure what to write. Maybe I should introduce myself again? I’ll just do a little re-cap of life in general I guess.

Baby #3: Needs a name! What a nightmare. Absolutely nobody can agree on any one name. C is convinced that we should name his baby brother, Sister. Poor kid. Sorry C, but he might hold a grudge against ya for that. haha As always… pregnancies are SO different. I’ve never had such an active baby inside me. Geesh. This one has moved so much he’s made me sick to my stomach at times. Sometimes I wonder if he ever sleeps in there. Scary. I’ve been working on getting his room ready so I’ve already lost my office space, that didn’t last long. So now I’m in the living room. We have truly outgrown our house.

Had a scare one morning when I woke and my stomach was half the size it used to be. Very weird. Baby must have taken up camp in my back. This pregnancy has been much easier than the last due to the minimal weight gain. Last time I was HUGE, this time… I’ve gained, but nothing like before. I have my energy, which is a necessity to keep up with the kids and work and life in general.

J: He’s busy with school and choir. He’s had many choir performances and does excellent at every one. He’s finally found something he enjoys! I love it! He’s also joined Spy Club, which is a little church group that meets after school once a week. Out of school you’ll find him playing legos or trains most likely or glued to the computer.

C: Wow! This kid is go, go, go! He never stops and when he finally does he drops like a rock. He goes from 100 mph to sleeping. There’s never an in between. He loves everything, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, the outdoors, the indoors, the computer, coloring, tracing, reading, singing, jumping and giving us daily heart attacks. He just really truly is into everything. You may also find him in the bathroom shaving, like Daddy does. We got him a shaving kit for Christmas and he shaves everyday in the tub. We have a little school time everyday and he’s doing excellent. Now if potty training would just happen! He wakes dry and I always try encouraging him to use the big boy potty since he’s dry but I get a big old “NOPE” or “No thank” (Yes, it’s No Thank, not No Thanks). Gotta figure out something to make that happen so we can get into gym soon. This boy needs somewhere to get rid of some energy! 🙂

I only have one daycare kid right now and she’s a nightmare to say the least. Wishing I could quit that job all together, but…. not gonna happen right now. I’ve been back to work at the store at nights after I made it through the first trimester of being “sick”. I put sick in quotes as I never had morning sickness or any puking, just extremely low blood pressure which was causing me to black out unexpectedly. I didn’t really feel the want to be standing at work and all of the sudden be on the ground. I’ve also recently become a Wildtree Representative. LOVING that! We have amazing all natural food products that can’t be beat!

Christmas was fabulous. Had everybody at our house and I absolutely love having everybody here and together. My aunt flew home and my brother and his girlfriend drove so we had everybody here. It was the first time meeting my brothers girlfriend and she was fabulous! Good job brother! 😉

Hope Christmas was good for all! Bring on the new year!!


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