C is…

7 1/2 Months – Picking up crunchies and eating them by himself, which has made it hard to get him to eat baby food off the spoon now since he’d rather pick those up by himself and eat them.

8 Months – Sitting in high chair saying Momma Momma Momma.

9 March 08 – Climbing the stairs at Papa and Gramma’s house.

8 Months – Going to sleep without the fan or heater in the bathroom! He also used to go to sleep rocking with Daddy while listening to the Bare Naked Ladies – If I Had A Million Dollars song over and over and over.

10 March 08 – I was downstairs grabbing laundry. Came back up, around the corner, baby saw me and said Momma!!! Maybe he really does know what he’s talking about!!!

12 March 08 – FINALLY! He sat with Gramma a LONG time! Her and Papa came over the next night also and he crawled RIGHT TO HER and climbed up in her lap!! He sat next to Papa and played but still didn’t really want to be picked up. We told Papa he has to start coming over everyday after work like Gramma did.

13 March 08 – Realized tonight that he can roll over in the tub. So much for my making him lay down when he’s naughty and won’t quit standing and walking around the tub.

13 March 08 – (Around 8 Months in general, being the same time I quit nursing) He REQUIRES a blanket with him while drinking a bottle. If I don’t have a blanket he’ll throw himself around and pitch a fit until I get him one. It also must be covering him a little bit and he must be able to grab it with both hands and cuddle it to his face. Geesh.

19 March 08 – Baby’s new favorite food is cut up pieces of pears.

19 March 08 – We’re not sure if this counts as babies first steps but he’s taking 2 or 3 steps between Mommy and Daddy now. He actually took two steps, then stopped and stayed standing

27 March 08 – Baby just ate his first bowl of big boy pasta that Momma made for him. He loved it! It was Acini Di Pepe.

About 8 1/2 Months – This is too cute. When I warm baby a bottle I’m usually holding him as he’s usually crying. So I stick the bottle in the microwave, shake it and then add formula, shake it and then stick my finger in to check it. Well after having watched me do this how many times he’s decided he has to check it also. So after I stick my finger in, then he sticks his finger in. He never tries to take the bottle, never makes a mess. Just sticks his little baby hand in the bottle to test it on his finger and pulls his hand out for me to wipe it off.

28 March 08 – Two teeth coming in on the top! Hooray! Baby has been very crabby – this could surely be why. Also!!! Baby ate Cheerios today for the first time. LOVED them!

31 March 08
– Today I taught baby how to roll the ball back and forth. So cute!

1 April 08 – Baby is going through a I’ll feed myself only stage. Which means he wants Cheerios and that’s about it. He did eat some pears this morning, but he’ll have nothing to do with lunch.

13 April 08 – First time swinging in baby swing outside with big brother! Giggled like crazy!!

14 April 08
– LOVES marshmallows!! But I think pasta will still win the favorite food contest 🙂

9 Months – Decided to do a few things in one for 9 Month age for baby. He’s a walking fool! He’s currently working VERY hard on standing up on his own from a seated or kneeling position – he’s doing amazingly well. Won’t be long 🙂 He did it one time, but that could have been a freak thing. Finally on 28 April 08 he drank from a sippy cup! He drank 4 ounces of regular milk! YEAH!! He wouldn’t put the cup down, he drank some in his high chair, then got down and layed on the living room floor and drank some more, then walked around drinking more and playing toys. It was too cute… he didn’t want to put the cup down so he’d point at a toy in the toy box and have someone get it out for him and then he’d play with it with one hand, as the other hand held his beloved cup 🙂 He still loves being outside, this can usually cure a crabby time. Which means Mommy looks for any reason to go for walks. To the store for odd things like toothpaste 🙂 hehe He’s also starting to wave bye bye!!! He did it really good yesterday! He LOVES saying Momma!! And I love him saying Momma 🙂

6 May 08 – He’s been dialing #’sand calling the operator for weeks but now he finally puts the phone up to his ear and talks! How cute! Today I got pictures of him talking to Zia on the phone while eating lunch. I then had to clean Stove Top Stuffing out of my phone 🙂 oh well – cuteness was all worth it!!

Beginning 10 Months – Baby is a walking fool. It’s so cute watching him walk around, he looks so little! He bends over and picks up toys and keeps going – I love it! I swear he says “Got It” because he’ll pick something up, show you and say, what sounds IDENTICAL to, “Got It” and smile. He’s having a problem now with hitting us in the mouth, so far just Mommy and Daddy that I know of. He’s not wanting to eat much anymore. I can get him to eat pasta with butter (no sauce anymore), pears, crunchies (he’s not even really wanting cheerios anymore), and SOMETIMES a jar of baby food like oatmeal cereal with apples and bananas or something like that. He used to eat so much more. He’s copying us now – too cute – him and brother have yelling contests now. He says Momma and Dadda all the time.

11 Months– Climbing anything and everything. Eating SO much better! Hooray baby!! Our schedule is: wake up around 6:30 am and sometimes have a small bottle (2 or 3 ounces), breakfast around 8:00 is cereal and milk, fruit, sippy cup with milk, juice or water (sometimes something fun like pancakes or waffles) or eggs, 4 ounce bottle of regular milk at 10:00 am for nap time (we are working on going to sleep on our own – no luck at all with this – he still wants his bottle and some peace and quiet), 12:00 pm eat lunch of many different options such as mac and cheese, pasta, chicken, or who knows what else, 1:30 is a 3 or 4 ounce bottle just because he’s thirsty, regular milk again. 3:00 another 4 ounce bottle of regular milk for nap time. 5:00 or 5:30 is supper time and we can’t go later than this or he’ll be VERY crabby and then we have a hard time getting him to eat anything. Supper is usually many different things or whatever we are eating. 9:00 is a 6 ounce bottle of formula. And if he wakes in the night he gets formula. Night time is the only time he has formula now.

Baby loves birds, whenever he spots a bird in a book he freaks out, starts waving his arms and saying bir bir bir. We’ve also recently learned he loves grapes, strawberries, chicken, french fries, pudding, cereal and milk, crackers (sometimes with cheese).

9 June 08 – Baby learned to play dead today! It’s so flippin’ cute! Also, Daddy told him to go get a ball and he walked to the toy box moved a few toys and grabbed a ball and brought it back to him. Too smart little guy!!

11 Months and just a couple days
– Done with the 1:30 bottle! Yeah!! So it’s a bottle in the morning, lately because he’s waking at 5 am!! Otherwise he doesn’t have a bottle until 10 for nap time. Then another bottle at 3 for nap time. And a bottle for bed time! Little by little. Mommy has to remember not to be pushy 🙂 He’s doing just fine, the bottle will disappear with time. No worries Mommy.

13 Months – Doing very good eating with a fork.

12 Months
– Talking like crazy! I started a word list to remember all the words. Need to do good keeping it up.

15 Aug 08 – Working on tooth #5!!! Hooray. It’s the bottom right tooth, next to the to front bottom teeth.

26 Aug 08 – Oh man this kid is everywhere. I don’t imagine we should get rid of our couch and chair and any other item that can be climbed on or any item that can be used to help him with climbing. Today I found out he knows how to climb the back of the chair and sit on top of it backwards so he can play on the opening between the living room and kitchen. I also found out he can climb his high chair to sit up there by himself. And I found out he can climb the couch (we knew that already) and climb onto the shelf opening between the living room and kitchen. I found him kneeling up there smiling at me. I had been washing dishes and heard him climbing up, told him to get down, then turned around and found him much further than I thought he was. Oh man…. this child is going to send me over the edge from worry.

28 Aug 08 – Tooth #6 is popped through.

14 Months – Working on both bottom molars – UCKY! He’s having a horrible time with them. Also got hand foot mouth. NOT fun to deal with. Poor baby is miserale.
Says NO (He learned this word FAR too early.) and done. When he hears the microwave beep, he runs to the kitchen yelling done, he’s sure it’s always a bottle for him. Yells Mom when the phone rings. Thinks flushing the toilet is really cool.

23 September 08 – I lied about those bottom molars. I felt in there last night and the top of my finger got bit! It was his TOP molar that had been coming through faster! It’s in! Hooray. That’s 7 teeth now. I think all the molars are working at the same time. Poor baby.


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