C’s Word of the Day

Baby is learning so many words all at once, that I decided to make a list of words that seem to be his favorite every day. Wish I would have thought of this sooner.

21 July 08 – Bye-Bye, Belly Button (We actually got this on video once!)
22 July 08 – Dora, Brush, Brother, Diaper
24 July 08 – Baby, Papa, Gramma
27 July 08 – Grandpa (After seeing Daddy’s side of the family)
29 July 08 (or somewhere close to that day anyway) – Jer. His shortened version of his brother’s name. I can’t wait to hear how he says brother’s name all the way.
6 Aug 08 – K, everything has been “k” today. And belly button, even though he already knew that, has been his thing today. He keeps lifting his shirt and showing me, along with his 4 tooth grin! haha
I need to do better at keeping this list up to date. I’ll work on that.
8 Aug 08 – Pasta, which sounds like Paba
14 Aug 08 – Take Bath
24 Sept 08 – (Woah I’m really sucking at updating! Anyway…) Brrr…. He was playing with ice with Papa
(Prior to this date – I forgot to add…) Done. Uh-Huh.
2 Nov 08 – Together (While playing with magnets on the fridge with Daddy)
3 Nov 08 – Poop (Yeah haha), Bear


17 Mar 09 – Dang and Gung Ho (haha)


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